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"My session with Taylor was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It was like ten years of therapy in a matter of hours. For months afterward, I felt an inner clarity and peace that I have not experienced before. It was the most effective tool I’ve used in my healing journey so far."

-Chelsea (Air Session)

"My Prana Vidya session with Taylor was unlike any energy work I've ever experienced. I walked away from our session feeling larger than life. Would HIGHLY recommend, even if you are unfamiliar with the modality. Taylor is great to communicate with. Will be back for a tune up soon."

-Kelly (Earth Session)

"Going on a psychedelic journey to unravel traumatic experiences is intimidating to say the least!  However, the moment you see and engage with Taylor, you feel her calming, safe, and healing energy.  Her positive vibration is so strong, you can feel it across the room - enabling you to embark on a journey and do the healing you need." -Patrick (Air Session)

"I met with Taylor for a water session in the week following a sudden and difficult breakup. I was feeling confused and detached. I wasn’t able to access my emotions. Taylor welcomed me into her cozy, clean, and calming space, then we began by drawing tarot cards and setting intentions. Taylor guided me through meditation and treated me to a sound bath. The first half of the energy work was very calming and made me feel alive for the first time in several days. Although Taylor was not touching my body it did feel like I was being massaged in certain areas. In the second half of the session my body started to ache. Though there was no sharp pain, I felt deep discomfort and started to squirm on the table. Eventually there was a release and I was finally able to feel the depth of my sadness and I began to weep. I was blindfolded at the time, but Taylor later reported that this happened as she cleared a blockage in my third eye. I wept for the rest of the session. After the energy work was complete Taylor made me tea and talked with me until I was in good enough shape to take myself home. The next day I was able to pick myself back up and start being productive. I joined SLAA and put an end to my recreational drug use. Taylor checked in on me several times in the week following the session. I have been recommending Taylor to my friends, and I’m looking forward to my next session."

-Steven (Water Session)

"I've experienced a number of different treatments and energy work sessions. When Taylor first started working on me and her hands went directly to my knee where I'd had a former injury (which she had no prior knowledge of), I knew she was tuned in. She delivers a potent experience, one that provides plenty of journaling material." -Istvan (Earth Session)

"The only people who don't believe in reiki are the people who haven't done it. I wasn't a skeptic, but I wasn't expecting anything, either. Though at the beginning of the session, before Taylor even moved her hands or touched me, my entire body vibrated in a field that shocked me immediately. Feeling this field is not necessarily a sign that the healing is working, but my experience was particularly bodily. I felt the tingling sensation of gathering energy move around and throughout my body, according to the guiding of her hands. The sun came down, and at the end of the session, Taylor lit candles and gave me an analysis of my chakras. I had been struggling with depression at the time, and she said that I had a blockage in my heart chakra. "What does that mean?" I asked, and she just said, "I cleared it." And in fact, when I got home, I took a hot shower, and started laughing uncontrollably with fits of joy, rippling down my body, like I was insane. In the following days, I felt noticeably cleared and balanced. The depression went away—I felt reassured, in body and mind, newly open to socializing in a way that I had been finding draining. I found the solution some writing I had been working on. You don't need to know how it works for it to work, which is exactly how it worked on me. Better than therapy."  -Geoffrey (Water Session)

"Talking with Taylor helped me to rediscover my center and to focus on personal practices that provide the foundation for a life I both want and enjoy. I found clarity and affirmation from our sessions, which has let me hone hunches and guesses about what I can do into actionable plans. Personally, I have now created space to listen to and attend to my body, as well as to seek grounding and calm. A sprinkle of self-discipline is seeding a new phase of growth and (very real) strength for me. Taylor also supported and encouraged a renewed confidence in and acceptance of my spirituality. I found a sympathetic ear and robustly informed advisor in her, and value what their counsel adds to my life. I feel supported and seen when we talk, and walk away with a trove of new ideas and resources to ponder." - Todd (Remote Spiritual Counseling Services)

"Working with Taylor was an incredible therapeutic experience. I was going through a life transition with a career and a partner. Through her energy work I was able to tap into different parts of myself that I didn't know needed healing and came away with clarity and a new perspective."

-Courtney (Water Session)

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