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Green Leaf

"My session with Taylor was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It was like ten years of therapy in a matter of hours. For months afterward, I felt an inner clarity and peace that I have not experienced before. It was the most effective tool I’ve used in my healing journey so far." -Chelsea 

The body isn't just physical:
it's also emotional and energetic.
I work to unify and bring
cohesion to the Self.

Hi! I'm Taylor, an intuitive energy healer and psychedelic facilitator. To me, the body is so much more than physical - it's an emotional and energetic storehouse of accumulated experience - and I approach healing from this perspective. The method of energy work I practice, Prana Vidya, is a synthesis of advanced techniques rooted in a traditional eastern understanding of energetics, and how emotional patterns manifest in the physical and energetic body. Moreover, I have over 15 years of experience with a range of psychedelics and attended the very first MAPS conference in 2010. My approach is less clinical and more human; my work is oriented towards the spiritual and therapeutic realms and the emotional needs of my clients. 

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