I'm a dance music enthusiast, creative writer, journalist, DJ, energy worker and lifelong dancer.

I'm obsessed with dance music and movement, and in addition to being a DJ who has played with a range of notable acts, I used to curate a mix series for female and GNC artists called Walking and Falling.
I create personalized copy for labels, DJs, and musicians looking to express their sound through words.

I write for one of the most widely-read digital publications in electronic music, Resident Advisor, where I curate my own feature series.

I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from a world renowned program: UC Irvine. I write poetry, hybrid prose and memoir, and am usually working on at least one book.

I am also an energy worker and offer one-on-one sessions. Inquire via email.



Bookings: talienmusiq@gmail.com
Artist Bios: $150
One-Sheets: LP $125 / EP $75
Bios and One Sheets include multiple versions of different lengths. 
*Sliding scale options available.

Music Reviews: Inquire via email

Energy Work: Inquire via email
Editing Services:
Books, Web Content - $40-60/hr
College Essay Bundle - $1,200 flat



Writing, Editing + DJing:


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