Water Session (Tier Two)

2-3 hours. Deep chakra realignment and energetic clearing. Microsdose of Psilocybin.

  • 2 hours
  • $175/hr
  • 22nd Street

Service Description

Longer and deeper than the earth session, the water session incorporates a microdose of high grade psilocybin (provided by me). I hold space and attune to your needs emotionally and energetically, serving as a psychedelic guide. This also allows more time to unblock and rebalance the energy field -- in addition to processing emotional and/or spiritual realizations. This session is both grounding and stimulating; not only do I work to unblock dense "knots" within the subtle body, but I bring prana into depleted chakras through the energetic pathways (nadis). The effects of the Water Session are more pronounced in the emotional body as well as the physical, helping energy to shift and move through the subtle pathways. Little to no touch is involved.

Contact Details

  • 610 22nd Street, Boulder, CO, USA