Air Session (Tier Three)

Full journeying session + energy work. High dose of Psilocybin

  • 5 hours
  • $175/hr
  • 22nd Street

Service Description

The deepest energy work and journeying session I offer, aided by a full dose of high quality psilocybin. As someone who has worked with the MAPS-affiliated psychedelic healing foundation Cardea, I am skilled at making sure your psychedelic experience is safe, beautiful, and profound - and that you leave feeling deeply held. I have sat in countless psychedelic healing ceremonies during the past fifteen years, and was formerly initiated into the Santo Daime (an Ayahuasca based religion). Plant medicine makes the energetic body much more receptive to the energy work I do. Combining energy work with shamanic journeying lends itself to intensive processing and unfolding on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I facilitate and oversee ingestion of plant medicine and counsel the client through the first hour, followed by several hours of energy work. This session often has profound and sometime mystical effects on clients, as it's stimulating to the holistic body (energetic, physical, spiritual and emotional). It is a full clearing with lasting effects. In the air session, very light touch may be utilized at times, but only if necessary.

Contact Details

  • 610 22nd Street, Boulder, CO, USA