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For nearly 20 years, I have immersed myself in different forms of spiritual study and therapeutic practices. I also grew up as a dancer and somatic practices are core to my understanding of the energy body. My path as an energy worker began in 2016, during a sacred movement gathering in Boulder, Colorado. After many hours of dancing and deep movement, I sat to meditate and discovered I was a clairsentient trance channel.  This means I am able to attune to (and co-create with) a higher frequency that allows my body to become a vessel for an advanced, elegant system of energy work. Through one of my own teachers, I later understood that this modality is called Prana Vidya. In the years following my initiatory channeling experience in Colorado, I honed my gift, advancing it with constant practice, deep study and additional training. I studied with Tony Robbins' energy worker John Amaral, as well. Now, I see clients in Denver and Boulder privately and through the healing center Agni & Soma in Denver. I am passionate about offering this form of healing to those who need it. Ultimately, my aim is to restore the body (physical, spiritual and emotional) to holistic balance. 


Prana Vidya closely reflects traditional (non-Western) Tantric Hinduism and its understanding of yogic energy organization within the body. In addition to holding space for clients emotionally during their journeys, I attend to their energetic needs. My gift is that I am able to sense, locate, and release blockages in their energetic body (chakras, nadis, toroidal field) - which are usually the result of trauma, stress, or emotional repression. This often translates to healing in the physical body, and my work has often led to relief of physical ailments like chronic shoulder pain, neck pain, TMJ, and more.


I began intentionally experimenting with psychedelics at the age of 18, which started me on a journey of intense spiritual seeking. This led me to attend the very first MAPS convention in 2010, where I had the privilege of connecting with Alexander ShulginRick Doblin, Stanislav Grof, and others dedicated to psychedelics as a tool for healing. I also was a member of the first legal chapter of the Santo Daime in the United States (an Ayahuasca-based religion) and was in a Buddhist Sangha as well, though I ultimately realized I was spiritual but not religious.


I also grew up as a trained dancer, so movement-based practices have always been a core part of who I am. Ultimately, my relationship to movement and somatic practices, paired with my deep interest in spirituality and psychedelics, guided me to become a healer and energy worker: my soul's deepest vocation and purpose. I've worked with a vast range of clients in one-on-one and group settings and have been a psychedelic facilitator and energy worker for the NYC-based psychedelic foundation, Cardea.  I am also currently enrolled in SoundMind's Psychedelic Facilitator Training, which will certify me as a psychedelic practitioner in MDMA, Ketamine and Psilocybin therapy.


I offer energy work sessions, remote spiritual counseling, and psychedelic guiding. I also offer blended sessions that incorporate both energy work and psychedelic guidance during one session. During a session with me, I cultivate a calm, comfortable space. Depending on the type of session, we'll start with a discussion of intentions/intention setting and a light sound bath to help you deepen into the experience.


When facilitating energy work, I enter a light trance through meditation, and allow my body to become a conduit for energy. As I channel, I am able to feel, gently manipulate, unblock and/or energize the subtle pathways (meridians/nadis) and energetic centers (chakras). It's akin to performing energetic surgery. Typically, I don't touch the body (though occasionally I will use touch, but only if needed). Because energy work conceives of the emotional, physical, and subtle bodies as one co-working unit, you may experience physical or emotional sensations when stagnant energy begins to move.


When facilitating psychedelic guidance, I intuit your needs: YOUR experience is number one.  In addition to holding space for whatever comes up emotionally, physically or energetically, I practice a method called Dialogical Reflection - a form of deep listening - which ensures that you are heard and seen. To conclude the session, I hold space for decompression and more processing of your experience. Additionally, I hold follow-up integration sessions, which are essential for grounding and turning epiphany into action.


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