Hi! I am an intuitive energy healer. 


For nearly 20 years, I have immersed myself in different forms of spiritual study and therapeutic practices. I began intentionally experimenting with psychedelics at the age of 18, which started me on a journey of intense spiritual seeking. This led me to attend the very first MAPS convention in 2010, where I had the privilege of connecting with Alexander ShulginRick Doblin, Stanislav Grof, and others dedicated to psychedelics as a tool for healing. I also was a member of the first legal chapter of the Santo Daime in the United States (an Ayahuasca-based religion) and was in a Buddhist Sangha as well, though I ultimately realized I was spiritual but not religious.


I also grew up as a trained dancer, so movement-based practices have always been a core part of who I am. Ultimately, my relationship to movement and somatic practices, paired with my deep interest in spirituality and psychedelics, guided me to become a healer and energy worker: my soul's deepest vocation and purpose. I've worked with a vast range of clients in one-on-one and group settings and have been a psychedelic facilitator and energy worker for the NYC-based psychedelic foundation, Cardea. Moreover, I offer energy work at Agni & Soma in Denver, a blended massage and wellness center for bodyworkers and energy workers.

My path as an energy worker began in 2016, during a sacred movement gathering in Boulder, Colorado. After many hours of dancing and deep movement, I sat to meditate and discovered I was a trance channel.  Essentially, I am able to attune to (and co-create with) a higher frequency that allows my body to become a vessel for an advanced, elegant system of energy work called Prana Vidya. This particular modality closely reflects traditional (non-Western) Tantric Hinduism and its understanding of yogic energy organization within the body. In addition to holding space for clients emotionally during their journeys, I attend to their energetic needs. My gift is that I am able to sense, locate, and release blockages in their energetic body - which are usually the result of trauma, stress, or emotional repression.


In the years following my initiatory channeling experience in Colorado, I honed my gift, advancing it with constant practice, deep study and additional training. I studied with Tony Robbins' energy worker John Amaral, as well. Now, I am passionate about offering this form of healing to those who need it. Ultimately, my aim is to restore the body (physical, spiritual and emotional) to holistic balance. 



I offer different tiers of service: both with and without plant medicine depending on your preference. Typically, I recommend a blended energy work / psychedelic session, but I also offer both separately: the experience is tailored to your needs. During a session with me, I cultivate a calm, comfortable space. Depending on the type of session, we'll start with a discussion of intentions/intention setting and a light sound bath to help you deepen into the experience.


When facilitating energy work, I enter a light trance through meditation, and allow my body to become a conduit for energy. As I channel, I am able to feel, gently manipulate, unblock and/or energize the subtle pathways (meridians/nadis) and energetic centers (chakras). It's akin to performing energetic surgery. Typically, I don't touch the body (though occasionally I will use touch, but only if needed). Because energy work conceives of the emotional, physical, and subtle bodies as one co-working unit, you may experience physical or emotional sensations when stagnant energy begins to move.


When facilitating psychedelic guidance, I intuit your needs: YOUR experience is number one.  In addition to holding space for whatever comes up emotionally, physically or energetically, I practice a method called Dialogical Reflection - a form of deep listening - which ensures that you are heard and seen. To conclude the session, I hold space for decompression and more processing of your experience. Additionally, I hold follow-up integration sessions, which are essential for grounding and turning epiphany into action.